The 2014 show demonstrates the limits, also known as the Edge of the Envelope, of both the F-16 and the pilot flying it. There are 2 show types depending on the weather status. The High show (up to 4500ft) and the Low show (minimum ceiling of 1500ft). The Low show has a different flow of maneuvers.

During his display Slick will fly the following maneuvers:

High 2014:  

T/O - Split S
90° - 2x Aileron roll - ½ Cuban 8
Slow flight - Min radius turn 360°
Climb out - Split S - High speed pass - Vertical climb
Level S - Derry turn - Reset
45° Barrel roll - Derry turn - Reset - Touch & Go

90° Lion Climb - Split S
Immelmann Sliceback

Highspeed pass - 90° - 1½ Aileron roll - 90° - Bunt
Immelmann Sliceback
Max rate turn - Square turn - 3x Aileron roll
Flyby wave - Split S to land


Low 2014:  

T/O - Min radius - Barrel roll - Derry turn - Reset
4 Point roll - Reset
Slowflight - 90° Turn - Derry turn - Reset
Highspeed pass - Reset
Level S - Derry turn - Half barrel roll - Aileron roll

Max rate turn - Square turn - 3x Aileron roll
Touch & Go - Dirty roll - Kick - Derry turn

Iverted - 90° Turn - 1½ Aileron roll - 90° Turn - Aileron roll
Highspeed pass - Kick - Derry turn to land




The show details

All of the flown maneuvers have a stunning minimum altitude of 300ft (90 meters) and during the High speed pass even 100ft (30 meters). The max speed during the show is Mach 0.95 (appr. 1100 km/h) while the min speed is 100kts (appr. 180 km/h). The show is flown with two smokewinders and with flares to give the maneuvers an even more aggressive attitude.

Special picture moments

Immelmann Sliceback: During the high show;

The team is looking forward to the best pictures of the Dutch Lion. You can always send them to our gallery!