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Thanks for downloading this set of RNLAF F-16 Demo team wallpapers. We hope you like them!
To set a wallpaper in Windows (7), simply double click one to open it, which normally will happen with Windows Photo Viewer. Then, right click and choose "Set as desktop background" and it should work for you.

Additionally you could also use all of them by placing the desktops together in one folder, right clicking your desktop, selecting personalize and then clicking "Desktop Background". In the next menu, hit browse near the top to locate the folder with desktops and select it.
You should now see the screen contain small thumbnails of all the desktops. Hit select all and at the bottom left you can choose how often to change and if it should use a random order.

If it doesn't work out send us a message at our facebook and we can try to help you out.

I am personally not familiar with how to do it on an Apple computer, but if you google something like: apple setting a wallpaper mac
you get a lot of results to help you. It looks like it is similar to how it works on Windows 7.



Photo credit:
Wallpaper 1 - The Team
Wallpaper 2 - Michael de Boer - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 3 - The Team
Wallpaper 4 - Geert van de Put - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 5 - Mediacentrum Defensie
Wallpaper 6 - The Team
Wallpaper 7 - Peter van Loey - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 8 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 9 - Peter van Loey - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 10 - The Team
Wallpaper 11 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 12 - Peter van Loey - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 13 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 14 - The Team
Wallpaper 15 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 16 - Eric Coeckelberghs - Aviation Photocrew
Wallpaper 17 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 18 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation
Wallpaper 19 - The Team
Wallpaper 20 - Frank Crebas - Bluelifeaviation

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