The following people played a essential part in the great succes
of the display team 2007 - 2009:

Captain Ralph (Sheik) Aarts (display pilot) 2007-2009
Captain Chris (Omelet) Vaneker (team coach) 2007-2009
Captain Bram (Bitch) Versteeg (team coach) 2008-2009
Captain Pjotrek (Sonar) Bellers (coach) 2007
Sergeant Major Rinus Michels (flight chief) 2007-2009
Sergeant Major Ed Steenbergen (flight chief) 2007-2009
Sergeant first class Willie van Beers (crew chief) 2007-2009
Sergeant first class Gerrit van de Voorde  (crew chief) 2007-2009
Sergeant first class Ronald Arnts (crew chief) 2008-2009
Sergeant first class Pascal Sibbald (crew chief) 2008-2009
Corporal Denny Stolmeijer (crew chief) 2008-2009
Sergeant Gijs Sprengers (crew chief) 2008-2009
Corporal  Dave Eisinger (crew chief-assistant) 2008
Sergeant first class Maarten Toevank (crew chief) 2007
Sergeant first class William Hoitsma  (crew chief) 2007
Corporal  Tim Rensen (crew chief-assistant) 2007

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