On 15 September 1979 the first demo with an F-16 was given during the Open Days at Twenthe AB. The aircraft used was the J-213. The pilot Captain Sneek. This display can be seen as the first official performance of the solo display team of the RNLAF.

322 Squadron adopted the solo display team for the next 4 years. For the demo's normal painted F-16's were used. The pilot for these 4 years was Captain Gert "Barney" Booij. In 1983 a special painted F-16 A was used with the markings to celebrate 40 years of the 322 Squadron, this was the J-252.

The TCA Leeuwarden adopted the solo display and again normal painted F-16's were used. During the Open Day at Leeuwarden AB in 1985 Captain Hans Weber introduced the smokewinders for the first time.


311 Squadron adopted the solo display and again pilot Gert "Barney" Booij promoted to the rank of Maj. was the display pilot. A special painted F-16 was used, this time it was the J-616 with special markings to celebrate 35 years 311 Sqn.


The solo display stayed at Volkel AB, but now was hosted by the 312 Squadron. The display pilot was Captain Henry Schevers. First normal painted F-16 where used but during the special KLu75 Open Day an F-16 with special demo-markings were used: the J-864 which besides the democolours also was fitted with KLu75-markings. Smokewinders where introduced and would be used from now on to give the solo displays a special touch.

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1979 Capt. Willem Sneek

1980/1981/1982/1983 Capt. Gert "Barney" Booij

1984/1985 Capt. Hans "Midas" Weber

1986 Maj. "Barney" Booij

1987/1988 Cap. Henri "Basco" Schevers

1989/1990 Lt. Maarten "Puke" Pladet

1991/1992 Capt. Reinder "Dagger" Zwaart

1993 Capt. Gerhard "Garlic" Went

1994 Capt. Peter "Finger" Janssen

1995/1996 Ries "Champ" Kamperman

1997/1998 Capt. Patrick "Spout" Tuit

1999/2000 Robert-Jan "Woods" Bosch

2001/2002 Capt. Richard "Tomba" Buijs

2003/2004 Capt. Christian "Louis" van Gestel

2005/2006 Capt. Gert-Jan "Goofy" Vooren

2007/2008/2009 Capt. Ralph "Sheik" Aarts

2010/2011 Capt. Tobias "Hitec" Schutte

2012/2013 Capt. Stefan "Stitch" Hutten